Perils Of the Warp

Episode 1: Disgusting 

Plasma blast and feel no pain.

Episode 2: Lunch time!

What do Blood Thirsters eat?.

Episode 3: Pro painted!

Buying off the internet can really suck sometimes.

Episode 4: Lost patrol!

A scout patrol looking for a lost drop pod.

Episode 5: The emperor protects !

Kill teams and fall damage.

Episode 6: Fist deep!

Get fisted!.

Episode 7: Saga of the beast!

Beets must pay!

Episode 8: Primaris don't fly!

Get on the bus!

Episode 9: Trooper Jon!

Trooper Jon!

Episode 10: Wear your mask!

A good guardsman wears his mask when he goes out.

Episode 11: Special delivery 

It's always a great feeling when you get your package from the mail career.

Episode 12: Cool sword bro!

Wow! I have a chainsword!

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