Chapter 1

Come to the beautiful island resort getaway located just North of Hilton Head that is Paris Island. Rest underneath a palm tree as the gentle winds roll off of the Atlantic Ocean while you enjoy an exotic fruity beverage. Our 5 star staff is here to ensure all of your needs and comforts and to help you grow and develop a unique set of skills.

Chapter 2

After your 3 month Island getaway package you can upgrade to forest excursion package located at Camp Geiger, originally known as Tent Camp. Here you will learn vital survival skills and participate in team building exercise to prepare you for your life as an Infantryman in United States number one military force.

Chapter 3

You made it to the Fleet!!! Congratulations!  You will be issued a luxury room and meet the brother you will be spending the next fours with. Together you will experience many adventures which will test your metal and forge a unbreakable bond.

Chapter 4

The endless beach! Enjoy a month long pleasure cruise to reach your desert paradise. Here you will encounter and learn about a new exotic culture and immerse your self in their customs in way of life. Dont forget to bring your sun screen!

Chapter 5

More adventures from you favorite first trip to the wonderful beach next to the Arabian Sea!

Chapter 6

Back in the desert for round 2! This time there are  luxurious dinning halls, world class gyms and top notch recreational facility with the latest and greatest in technologies. Did I forget to mention air conditioning! Well, we have it all now!

Chapter 7

There goes the gym...

Chapter 8

The music of the night and whirling of the bird.

Chapter 9

The worlds crazy and so are you! Congratulations welcome to the club! Oreos are served at 8 PM and yoga is at 6 AM.

Chapter 10

Thanks for your service let's put you on hold for 2 hours then drop the call!!!!  Oh, you like nightmares? Here have some more!!!  

Chapter 11

Being a Veteran is a full time gig...

Chapter 12

Get your freedom fries here! Get your freedom fries!!! 

Chapter 13

An ending a beginning , full circle but not really.

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