Day Dream Multiplex

Chapter 1: Mecha rush

New recruits and mecha training.

Chapter 2: Dream rocket

Never give up on your dreams no matter what the adversity!

Chapter 3: Duran

Duran king of thieves !

Chapter 4: Top Hat and Girl

It really sucks when you are eating lunch and the coppers come in.

Chapter 5: Scorch

Scorch was a story I made like in kindergarten and gave it new life. Scorch is a dragon that terrorizes the local population.

Chapter 6: Gendercide

A war between the genders which was won by the males. The women fight to destroy the patriarchy and their evil ways. 

Chapter 7: Scarred earth

Man this is one of my old ones. It really has a open ending. It's about a world where monsters rule and humans have cool armor and psychics.

Chapter 8: Rain & Reno

The concept for Rain and Reno was a collaboration  with a friend from college that we made for our school news paper. It had only five printings. But later I contiuned  the story without her and I gave names to the characters.

Chapter 9: Mark & James

Mark and James best friend! Or are they?

Chapter 10: One hit wonders

A  collection of shorts, shorter then the other stories found here.

Chapter 11: Jorge

Jorge is a Canadian explorer who has accomplished amazing feats!

Chapter 12: Interlude

Life in between the lines. This takes place on a late night in Ann Arbor in one of apartments I lived in.

Chapter 13: One hit wonders 2

A 2nd collection of shorts, shorter then the other stories found here.

Chapter 14: The case of the missing 8 ball

This story word for word was a post from facebook by Jeff (with his permission) and I made into a short comic. It's based in Ann Arbor at the 8 Ball bar.

Chapter 15,16,17 and 18: Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time was a comic series I did for a class project on time. I chose to incorporate different aspects of life into a page each week. Then I crowd sourced the text by posting finished pages with black text doubles for students to fill in and then added it to the comic.

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