Hi! I'm Gino DeTone!

I like to create comics digitally. I've always enjoyed comics and have been drawing since a early age. I mainly focus on slice of life comics based on my time in the military. I start off with an idea, then a really rough sketch. I scan it into the computer and then spend time thinking on how I can accomplish it through adobe illustrator before I do so.I use a 8 panel layout and each page is it's own contained story.

One year I self published and had a booth at a comic convention. I found this enjoyable. It was really rewarding talking to several other comic artists and encouraging them to self publish or submit their works. (A lot of artist seem to be their own harshest critique.) I spent most of my time as a youth moving around a lot for my moms work. I went to around 12 different schools for my K-12 ed. I went into the Marines after high school and served as a infantryman. When I left I started school for graphic design.

As a graphic design teachers assistant I loved helping others improve their artworks and encouraging some of the students to stick with it when they thought they were garbage. I have volunteered for various Veteran Organizations and I have worked at various locally owned small businesses. I'm tastefully sarcastic. More so to be funny and make people laugh. I like freezing Oreos 

then eating them.