Grunt Life: Tour of Duty 

Welcome to the SUCK!  Sign up, kick back and prepare for a rough landing. Join me for a journey through a Marine Corps tour of duty through bootcamp, the school of infantry, barracks  life, being in Iraq and being a civilian in the "REAL" world. My comics jump around from points in time much like our memories.

All Over the Map

All Over the Map is a compilation of poems about a combat veteran's PTSD, and its effects on the veteran, from the view point of a mother and how it effects her.

Perils of the Warp

Don't roll double ones or sixes or you pearl the warp  and take some mortal wounds. This is a comedic homage to GamesWorkshops Warhammer 40k.

Box Head Mysteries 

He is a sleuth; half human, half robot, with a high tech super helmet. Come join  Box Head in his search for the Mayor's daughter and other misadventures.

Day Dream Multiplex 

A series of short stories covering a wide variety of genres. My works from 2007-2017.

About Me!

A little bio about me and contact info!